LITTLE TREE’s 5-Shelf Bookcase Organizer Storage Bookshelf for Home Office
Price: $125.97
Sale: $125.97
Diversified storage design: open storage space can be arranged with books, decorations, small potted plants, etc. Let creativity be unrestricted and enjoy free time.
Reasonable Space: According to the scientific support stable, hierarchical storage can put more books and more artistic.
E1 environmental protection material: the shelf made of high quality wood is durable, it has smooth surface and excellent moisture resistance.
Thickening baffle: The layer board with thickening design is adopted, the inner structure is more compact, and the single-layer bearing capacity is stronger.
Cautious details: The fine line creates a simple shape, durable, waterproof and scratch-proof.
LITTLE TREE’s Bookcase is a good helper of a family, which suitable for study, bedroom, home office, living room or dining room, helping to sort out sundries, arranging books, and cleaning up messy rooms. Four center rectangular compartments attract the eye and are great spots to highlight your favorite decor, as crystal ball, little doll, photo...

The geometric compartments on this piece create a varied space to display and store items. There is plenty of room for all kinds of books, and it is convenient to use different grids to classify books. Create a comfortable and relaxed environment for the study or sitting room.





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